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The BaleDoneen Method® has been a groundbreaking discovery in the history of cardiovascular disease. Heart attack and stroke prevention are a top priority for scientists and medical professionals all over the world, and this method is bridging the gap through clinically-proven techniques and results. The science-based method aims to not only prevent cardiovascular problems, but to detect early signs and treat patients before symptoms result in a heart attack or stroke.

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Causes of Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease refers to any disease involving the heart or blood vessels, including coronary artery disease and heart disease. These diseases cause blood clots in the vessels and arteries of the heart chamber and lead to heart attacks and strokes. Cardiovascular problems may be the result of genetics but are more often a result of environmental factors.

The main causes of cardiovascular disease, according to the NHS, are high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol, diabetes, inactivity, and obesity. Although many of these causes are largely environmental, some may arise during childbirth or in early infancy. Strictly genetic causes include family history of cardiovascular disease, ethnic background, and gender. Age is a distinguishing factor as patients over 50 are more likely to acquire the disease and are required to take an annual health check to prevent or detect the disease early on.

“These diseases cause blood clots in the vessels and arteries of the heart chamber and lead to heart attacks and strokes.”

Traditional Method vs. BaleDoneen

The standard method for assessing cardiovascular risk factors involved merely checking for symptoms and risks present in the patient or their family history. The traditional health check is an assessment that factors alcohol consumption, tobacco intake, physical activity, cholesterol level, and body mass index (BMI). Most of these factors are verbally noted by the patient and may be inaccurate or unknown to them.

The BaleDoneen Method goes beyond surface-level assessments and features a disease prevention and treatment plan. As heart attacks and strokes are considered the “silent killers” in medicine, the BaleDoneen Method attempts to accurately identify hidden risks and save lives as opposed to relying on standard assessments with incomplete information.

“The BaleDoneen Method goes beyond surface-level assessments and features a disease prevention and treatment plan.”

How the Method Works

The BaleDoneen Method is based on nine foundational elements spelled out in the acronym EDFROG-IRA. The EDFROG elements (education, disease, fire, roots, optimal, genes) refer to prevention techniques and the IRA elements (individual, risk, assessment) relate to managing and assessing patients already diagnosed with the disease. The major difference of the BaleDoneen Method is that it proposes a disease treatment paradigm rather than risk factor paradigm; that is, how patients can be treated not only assessed for risks.

According to The Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center, the BaleDoneen Method identifies whether plaque is present in the arterial bed. “The presence of plaque indicates that the patient is at risk for heart attack, ischemic stroke, or diabetes, and if so, presents an individualized treatment protocol.” It is a patented method and involves advanced detection techniques such as:

  • genetic testing
  • state-of-the-art ultrasound measurements of major arteries
  • high-tech heart scans
  • personalized treatment strategies
  • “fire panel” tests for inflammation

“…the BaleDoneen Method identifies whether plaque is present in the arterial bed.”

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Mouth-Heart Connection

There are many ways in which oral and cardiovascular health are connected. The most important being that the oral cavity is a major gateway to the arteries of the heart chamber. Bacteria in the mouth travel through the body’s blood vessels, causing inflammation and blood clots in the passageways. It can also produce plaque in the arteries, causing infections and resulting in heart attacks and strokes.

Patients with gum or periodontal disease are at higher risk of developing cardiovascular problems. According to WebMD, 91% of patients with heart disease also have periodontal disease, compared to 66% of heart-healthy individuals. Researchers theorize that inflammation in the mouth can cause inflammation in the blood vessels.

“Patients with gum or periodontal disease are at higher risk of developing cardiovascular problems.”

Questions Answered on This Page

People Also Ask

Q. How do preexisting conditions affect dental care?

Who The BaleDoneen Method Benefits

Although everyone can benefit from risk assessment and prevention of cardiovascular disease, many factors play a role in who is considered at higher risk. Patients over 40 are recommended to undergo prevention techniques annually and examined for plaque in the arteries. The initial assessment tells us a lot about the patient’s health, history, and risks for future visits and is recorded in their health tracker.

Regardless of age, those with high blood pressure, breathing problems, weight-control issues, high cholesterol, and diabetes should be tested more frequently. Lifestyle behaviors, such as smoking, excessive drinking, and lack of exercise or nutrition, are also causes of concern. Lastly, family history, ethnic background, and gender play a role in the prevalence of the disease and the likelihood of acquiring it.

“The initial assessment tells us a lot about the patient’s health, history, and risks for future visits and is recorded in their health tracker.”

Frequently Asked Questions About The BaleDoneen Method

Q. Do I need to request the BaleDoneen Method if I believe I am at risk?

A. In most cases, cardiovascular prevention, detection, and treatment is not a typical health check visit. We recommend the method in patients experiencing symptoms or signs, have poor oral health, or are in the risk category. We evaluate each patient during the initial consultation and go through preventative methods when encountering a patient with risk factors of cardiovascular disease, regardless of age. Patients over 40 are checked annually.

Q. How does the BaleDoneen Method prevent heart attacks and strokes?

A. The BaleDoneen Method uses advanced lab tests and imaging to check for hidden signs of arterial disease, directly linked to plaque in the arteries. Patients with plaque in the arteries are more at risk for heart attacks and ischemic strokes and need optimal care throughout treatment to prevent these risks.

Q. How does smoking contribute to cardiovascular disease?

A. Smoking causes plaque build-up in the blood vessels, which is the leading cause of heart disease. When blood is blocked or there is a blood clot in the blood vessels, blood is thinned and does not reach the heart, causing a heart attack or stroke. Tobacco chemicals thicken blood, making it easier to develop blood clots.

Q. How does excessive drinking affect the heart?

A. Excessive alcohol consumption leads to high blood pressure, one of the leading risk factors of cardiovascular disease. It also increases patients’ risk of heart attack and stroke without the early symptoms. Excessive drinking also contributes to cardiomyopathy, a disorder that affects the heart muscle.

Q. How prevalent is cardiovascular and heart disease?

A. Cardiovascular disease is one of the most prevalent and dangerous diseases. According to the CDC, in the United States, every 36 seconds someone suffers from a heart attack and every 4 minutes, someone dies from a stroke. Heart disease is responsible for 1 out of 4 deaths.”

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Dental Terminology

An artery is a blood vessel that carries oxygenated blood away from the heart to the tissues of the body.
Blood Clot
A blood clot is a mass of coagulated blood within a blood vessel, heart, or elsewhere.
Cholesterol is a fat-like material found in blood plasma and tissues that can increase the risk of heart disease when in high levels.
Diabetes refers to a group of diseases that affects how the body produces or responds to the hormone insulin and causes high blood sugar.
Heart Attack
A heart attack is when blood flow to the heart becomes blocked and causes the tissues to lose oxygen and die.
Heart Disease
Heart disease includes a wide range of cardiovascular issues such as diseased vessels, structural problems, and blood clots.
Inflammation is the redness, swelling, and pain that is a part of the body’s natural response to protect itself from infection, toxins, or injury.
Periodontal Disease
Periodontal disease is a condition that causes inflammation of the gingival tissues and membrane of the teeth, leading to tooth loss without professional treatment.
A sticky film of bacteria that continuously forms on the surface of teeth which can damage teeth and lead to decay.
A stroke occurs when the blood flow to part of the brain stops and prevents the brain from receiving oxygen and nutrients.

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